Institutions, Networks and Economic Activity

2005: The Intergovernmental Network Of World Trade: IGO Connectedness, Governance, and Embeddedness

2012: An Economic Sociology Of African Entrepreneurial Activity

2012: Building international entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship capital perspective

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

2007 Book: Social Entrepreneurship

2007: Navigating Social And Institutional Barriers to Markets: How Social Entrepreneurs Identify and Evaluate Opportunities

2009: Activist or Entrepreneur?: An Identity-based Model of Social Entrepreneurship (with Shalei Simms)

2014: Exploring the Motivational of Nascent Social Entrepreneurs (with Andy Germak)

2015: What’s Holding Back Social Entrepreneurship? Removing the Impediments to Theoretical Advancement (with multiple co-authors)

2013: NSF Report from the Rutgers Workshop on Social Innovation Web

Entrepreneurship and Urban Entrepreneurship

2007: Urban entrepreneurship – patterns and policy (New England Law Review Article)

2012: The effect of small firms’ recruitment practice portfolio composition on recruitment success (with Ian Williamson)

2014: Developing business coursed that make an impact: Rutgers Business School’s Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Stratification and Entrepreneurship

2007: Exploring Stratification and Entrepreneurship: African American Women Entrepreneurs Redefine Success in Growth Ventures (with S. Robinson and L. Blockson)

2011: A Research Note On Institutional Logic’s And Entrepreneurial Action: The Case Of Black Church Organizations (with Richard Hayes)

2017: How does agency workforce diversity influence Federal R&D funding of minority and women technology entrepreneurs? An analysis of the SBIR and STTR programs, 2001-2011 (with Amol Joshi and Todd Inoyue

Black Economic Development

2008: Unlearned Lessons from Letter from Birmingham Jail. The work Begun, the process Made, and the Task Ahead (with Greg Fairchild)