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call for papers -  global social venture research conference

�global harmony and local social entrepreneurship�

19 � 23 november, 2009

shanghai, china

co-sponsored by the global management education institute of shanghai university, the center for urban entrepreneurship & economic development of rutgers university, and the university of international business and economics-beijing


about the global social venture research conference

the global social venture research conference engages business and organization scholars in a discussion of social entrepreneurship theory and practice.  the aim of this conference is to bring together various international perspectives on social entrepreneurship from scholars and practitioners together for discussion and collaboration. the theme of the conference is "global harmony and local social entrepreneurship" which acknowledges the role of social entrepreneurs in creating a "harmonious society". 

following robinson, mair, and hockers (2009), we define social entrepreneurship broadly:

�social entrepreneurship is recognized as encompassing a wide range of activities: enterprising individuals devoted to making a difference; social purpose business ventures dedicated to adding for-profit motivations to the nonprofit sector; new types of philanthropists supporting venture capital-like �investment� portfolios; and nonprofit organizations that are reinventing themselves by drawing on lessons learned from the business world.�

in the past decade �social entrepreneurship� has made a popular name for itself on the global scene as a �new phenomenon� that is reshaping the way we think about social value creation. some of these practices are uniquely new however many have been around for a long time having finally reached critical mass under a widely endorsed label.  (robinson, mair, & hockerts, 2009:i)

by integrating social goals and social problem solving into the core business model, social entrepreneurs are making social impacts globally.  from our perspective, the business model of social entrepreneurial ventures (or social ventures) simultaneously creates economic and social value.  this has great societal benefits.

social entrepreneurship has garnered increased attention in the academy because of its multidisciplinary attractiveness as well as its impact on governments, communities, and organizations. however, there is a paucity of research that has untangled the founding process of social ventures, the strategies that are used by social entrepreneurs, and the challenges of managing a social venture in different institutional contexts.this is of particular interest in the chinese context where social entrepreneurship is an emerging phenomenon to achieve social goals.

we invite scholars across disciplines to join us in shanghai to present papers and projects related to any of the following areas or related topics:

  1. role of social entrepreneurs in the construction process of the harmonious society;
  2. role of institutions to promote social entrepreneurship
  3. structure, innovation, and impact of social ventures
  4. social entrepreneurship in asia
  5. international comparisons of social entrepreneurship
  6. creation and management of green or clean technology
  7. the use of entrepreneurship to address social problem solving 

other presentations

additionally, conference sessions will also take place related to the following topics.

tentative conference schedule

thursday, 19 november

arrival � shanghai, china

welcome reception

friday, 20 november

opening session with keynote address

plenary session

luncheon with speaker

conference paper sessions and panel discussions

dinner event

saturday, 21 november

conference paper sessions at conference hotel

conference workshops & panel discussions

afternoon cultural activities

evening dinner  & cultural activities

sunday, 22 november

conference paper sessions, workshops & panel discussions

free time

closing dinner event

monday, 23 november

optional activities or departure



we are accepting two types of submissions for this conference.  academic paper submissions are full manuscripts that will be presented at the conference. (see paper submission guidelines below.)  abstracts are also permitted for paper sessions but priority will be given to full manuscripts.

we will have a limited number of workshop presentations.   a 1-page abstract can be submitted for these presentations for consideration the working paper and case study sessions and our panel on innovative educational practices.

electronic submissions will be accepted until august 15, 2009.  please indicate if you are making a submission for the academic paper sessions or the workshop presentations.  send manuscripts or abstracts via email to cueed@business.rutgers.edu. 

paper submission guidelines

paper submissions should follow the aom conference guidelines as presented below::

a. the entire paper (title page, abstract, main text, figures, tables, references, etc.) must be in one

document using one of the following formats:  portable document format (.pdf) or microsoft word 2003 or later (.doc)

b. the maximum length of the paper is 30 pages (including all tables, appendices and references).

c. the format for tables and figures, references, and appendices should follow the academy of

management journal�s style guide:.

d. use times new roman 12-pitch font, double spaced, 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around, and 8 1/5 by 11 page setting..

e. number all of the pages of the paper.

f. check that the paper prints correctly (i.e., all imported figures and tables appear), and ensure that the file is virus-free.

 for more information about the global social venture research conference please contact jasmine cordero or jeffrey robinson at cueed@business.rutgers.edu. 

we hope you will join us for an exciting conference in shanghai china.

mr. tony koo
vice dean and managing director
global management education institute shanghai university
conference logistics chairperson

mr. hao jiao
adjunct director for research,
global management education institute
shanghai university
conference logistics co-chairperson

professor jeffrey a. robinson
assistant director, rutgers university
center for urban entrepreneurship & economic development
co-conference program chairperson

professor dt ogilvie

director, rutgers university
center for urban entrepreneurship & economic development
co-conference program chairperson


for more information on this research initiative please contact professor robinson at cueed at business.rutgers.edu

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